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3/14/2023 General
Unlimited Mastermind Alliance (UMA)

Unlimited Mastermind Alliance (UMA)

The only Conference that combines Mindset, Lifestyle, spirituality & Medicine to Build your Legacy and Nourish your mind, body, & Soul.

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Suarez will be speaking at the Unlimited Transformation Mastermind Conference on March 18th from 3pm EST until 9pm EST located at 218 NW 8th St. Arte Grand Central Apt, Miami Fl, 33136

If you would like to attend our First conference for FREE please register immediately while spots last. You can purchase for $250 our VIP program which includes private time with our hosts and a mastermind session ($3,500 value).

The focus of the day will be around bringing spirituality into our daily lives, business growth, public speaking, anti-aging, wealth management, and releasing us from the stuck in chains mindset. The program includes time to speak with our hosts plus some priceless networking & high level learning!

Call (844)-335-7873 to reserve your seats! Or click this BOOKING LINK
Event Speakers include:
Dr. David Suarez- Host & Author, Award Winning Spiritual Health & Wellness Expert
Karina Safarova- Co Host, Motivational Speaker, Mindset Mentor
Irvin Daphnis ESQ- Real Motivation' Author, Attorney & Keynote Speaker
Ursula Udics- Real Estate Investor & Keynote Speaker
Karen Vaughn- Medical Professional Keynote Speaker & Author
Bill Walsh - Venture Capitalist-Business Coach & Keynote Speaker