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1/5/2022 General
Salutad Communications to Formalize Launch of Training Seminars & Diversity Management Consulting

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA – A new and unique organization, Salutad Communications LLC, also known as Salutad, is conducting the formal launch of its 34 training seminars and revolutionary concept of diversity management consulting in Delray Beach, Florida on January 26, 2022.


             Salutad was founded based on forming a coalition among federal, commercial, and local communities by further educating and informing them how to manage change and by identifying for them the cultural environment that will help the communities at large to solve the divisiveness that the country has become. 


            Envisioning is easy, transitioning exacerbating.  Addressing these needs require resolution of experts capable of assessing, analyzing, and articulating the impacts of these factors in the long-term socio-economic development of American industries and workers, especially, women workers,” says Rosalie Adams, Founder, Chairman and Developer of Salutad.  “We have to admit, we don’t get along in this country.  Nonetheless, we try to focus on other countries when our problem with cultural diversity is highly critical.”


            Ms. Adams envisions that by the year 2032 a whole new generation of more women consultants and more solidly grounded entrepreneurs will continue to emerge.  Consultants will play major roles in facilitating a more integrated system of free enterprise.  The popularity of diversity and interdisciplinary forms of management system will rise.  The global competitive advantage of American services and products will continue to rise including the innovative utilization of diversity concept in international, technological, as well as social perspectives.


            Salutad was developed in 1992 at George Mason University inspired in the spirit of Intercultural Communication program.  Ms. Adams created her own independent study and named it Intercultural Business Communication.  Her main objective was to develop training seminars for American and International workers to prevent or minimize cultural shock among executives while marketing products and services. 


`The program wrapped up in May 1996 with 34 training seminars developed.  Fifteen training seminars were designed for federal workers and fifteen were designed for commercial workers.  The four basic training seminars were designed and offered for all types of industries with main target participants in small, minority, and disadvantaged business enterprise.