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1/3/2022 General
Introducing JeliCrush.com – moxie b2b’s Foray into Retail

Boynton Beach, FL: moxie b2b, a creative agency for start-ups, mid-sized, and multi-national companies, has expanded into the retail vertical through its ecommerce boutique, JeliCrush.com.

“While we’ve enjoyed working with diverse industry segments, we’ve especially enjoyed working in the retail space – so much so that it inspired us to pull up a seat at the retail table. Indeed, JeliCrush showcases our team’s collective creative and marketing savvy coupled with style and imagination,” says Jennie Azoulai, moxie b2b’s president & chief moxie officer, and JeliCrush chief fashionista officer.

JeliCrush.com officially launches on January 1, 2022. Boca Chamber members can enjoy 15% off with promo code BocaJeli.

Jennie Azoulai further states, “As a team, we’re kicking off and celebrating the new year with an exciting new venture, for which we’ve all dedicated countless hours behind-the-scenes. Ready to JeliCrush 2022!”

About JeliCrush: At JeliCrush we embrace sophisticated street lifestyle that extends beyond fast fashion. More than clothing, fashion represents lifestyle and self-expression; it's creating an ensemble that intermixes an eclectic array of curated pieces — ranging from thrift shop finds to high-end classics, with pops of color, patterns, and elements of distinction. Shop our diverse selection, which we've crafted for the everyday style maven and fitness fashionista.

About moxie b2b: moxie b2b is a team of strategists and creatives who redefine how startups and multinational companies launch their marketing initiatives and engage with their customers. Team moxie serves as a de facto marketing department, or as an extension of an internal marketing team. We methodically collaborate with clients to develop strategic marketing initiatives that reflect their brand, mission, and budget. We design each endeavor in such a way as to attract their target demographic and drive sales.