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2/23/2021 General
Are you looking for clarity, community, and connection?

Are you looking for clarity, community, and connection?

Nina Segura is the founder of Metaspire, a boutique management consulting company that partners with leaders to expand time and money, turn one-time buyers into long term relationships, and retain the best talent.

Metaspire is the first certified women-owned management consulting company in South Florida with an interdisciplinary approach. Segura took it from start-up to millions of dollars in sales within five years. Among their clientele are multi-national companies such as JPMorgan Chase, and Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Florida-based companies which have all received millions of dollars of OPEX savings because of Metaspire’s efforts.

Due to Covid, Segura realized that meaningful conversations about what we had in common to support one another’s leadership and businesses were desperately needed, so she started the Women Leadership Power Community. Come with a struggle and leave with a solution.

“The Women Leadership Power Community is extremely uplifting and is an amazing "safe space" to share, be vulnerable, and grow together. Empowered women empowering other women is so powerful and needed now more than ever,” says Jessica Hope Elias of VP of Reef Technology.

Segura was also inspired to go on a quest to interview 52 leaders about how they felt about: what the world needs more of as it relates to leadership, what old leadership paradigms get in the way, and what is a bold prediction for modern leadership. Each interview is only 10 minutes, but provides rich content.

For more information on Metaspire and Nina Segura, please visit: www.metaspireconsulting.com or call (866) 630-6334. For more information about Women Leadership Power, visit: www.WomenLeadershipPower.com. To watch Leadership Trends & Insights By Metaspire, click here. If you are interested in more information, please email [email protected]