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8/28/2020 General
Warner-Prokos Photography Offers

Warner-Prokos Photography Offers Chamber Members Exclusive Headshot and Branding Opportunity

BOCA RATON, FL, August 28, 2020 ?– Chamber Business Member, LuAnn Warner-Prokos of Warner-Prokos Photography is a celebrated local photographer with a passion for helping individuals discover the importance of a headshot and how it relates and strengthens one’s brand; personally and professionally.   

Boca-Boynton Chamber Members: 
$200 : Stylized Headshot Session (1-2 looks), (2) edited digitals in various crops 
$500: Branding Session (3-5 looks, 1-2 locations), (5) edited digitals 
Ends: October 9th, 2020  

**Know someone who has lost his/her job due to Covid shutdowns?   

Nominate this individual for a Gifted Studio Headshot Session 
(10) spots available - 1st 10 nominated; receive (1) edited digital image each 
Drawing to be held on September 16th   

WHY HIRE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER? LuAnn’s clients come to understand how one’s headshot is the “logo” of her/his personal brand. Whether you are hunting down that dream job or are currently in business, you have probably heard and read about the pride that professionals (regardless of industry) have of their image. From their point of view, everything they do (especially in the public eye and digital age) should be calculated and in tune with their brand message - including their picture. On the other hand, if you are stuck in a rut and want a change - a professional headshot is your key to opening that door. A headshot can be the simplest way to not only be noticed by those around you, but also to a wide spectrum of viewers from prospective recruiters, clients, and even those seeking a business relationship and networking opportunity. A creative headshot communicates the message you wish to convey, and also is effective in obtaining the results you seek.  Branding Sessions goes further to help you make instant connections, tell your story, how you do it, and what you do.  

In an age where cameras are accessible on almost every device - from phones, iPads, tablets, computers, gaming devices, and more, one might ask, “Why do I need a professional to capture my headshot?” Having a nice camera and snapping a photo does not equate to a great photo. Portrait photography requires a certain eye and unique skill set. LuAnn is a trained and skilled headshot photographer and knows how to capture specific expressions and how to direct her clients for great posture, purposeful lighting, staging the right angles, and more. Many clients enter WP Photography’s studio and are surprised by the amount of direction she provides. From body position to the subtle squint of your eyes, to how far your chin is tilted down, she leaves no stone unturned. Each of these details really matter and can be navigated successfully by a professional.   

Have you ever looked at a photo and thought to yourself, "There's something slightly off with this image?" They look worried or "out to lunch?" Those impressions are exactly what you want to avoid in your headshot. LuAnn helps her clients avoid this impression and works with each one to create confident and compelling images that convey confidence and essence.   

For more information about LuAnn Warner-Prokos ~ WP Photography and the Headshot Sessions offered to Boca Raton Chamber Members, visit https://wpportraiture.com/.  Email or call LuAnn today for details on how she can stylize the right session for you TODAY!  [email protected]  561-271-7954  

About LuAnn Warner-Prokos and Warner-Prokos Photography 
LuAnn Warner-Prokos and is an award-winning portrait photographer in the South Florida area. Sessions are stylized for the individual and designed to capture the personality and characteristics of each client and the love, joy, and unique personalities found in each person. 

Warner-Prokos Photography is a luxe brand that works with each client offering an array of beautiful clothing items for our female clients, in addition to a variety of props for families. Through thoughtful creation, LuAnn works to execute the “story” each client wants to tell. She takes pride in attention to detail, the experience, and the relationship she establishes with each client. WP Photography also values the importance of a professional headshot for your business and networking, as well as the story that can be told through a series of branding images. Complimentary consultation sessions include a personal reveal and procuring sessions. And LuAnn is here for all of her clients, ensuring that heirloom artwork is taken care of for her clients - her luxe product offerings are beautiful, unique, modern, and of the highest quality.