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4/9/2020 General
Announcing Bounce Back USA

Minute Man Press announces the launch of the Bounce Back USA campaign

According to the health experts the social distancing, hand-washing, and other recommendations from the CDC are having a positive impact on reducing the spread of COVID19. It is clearly not over, but collectively we have helped to "flatten the curve"! This means we are getting closer to being able to "Bounce Back" and return to the thriving economic times that existed prior to being stopped in our tracks by the corona-virus!

In order to get a head start toward recovery and help the local businesses that were significantly impacted, Minuteman Press launched a nationwide "Bounce Back USA" campaign executed at the community level. This campaign is FREE to all local businesses and allows them to post an offer online for everyone to see!

How It Works:

  • Go to the Bounce Back USA website by clicking here.
  • Fill out the form, upload your logo, and submit your company’s special offer or supportive message for publishing on our site at NO CHARGE.
  • We will review and publish the listing.
  • We will "market' the site thru public relations outreach, social media posts and ads, and signage around the community with the goal of going viral to boost traffic to the site and drive business to local businesses.
  • You post on social media and email your list to drive traffic to the site.

Mike And Lise Orr have lived in Boca Raton for almost 22 years and consider it their home. Over 11 years ago they bought Minuteman Press motivated to help local businesses and non-profits thrive and contribute to the vibrant community. They  know how difficult this situation is as they are navigating it along with you. They also know how awesome Boca Raton is as they witness the creativity of organizations that pivoted, the commitment to keeping each other safe, and the unselfish sharing of information and ideas.

The Orrs know that Bounce Back USA can play an important role in the recovery of Boca Raton and hope every local business and non-profit gets involved. They also hope that the Boca Raton residents visit and support the organizations that joined the Bounce Back USA movement to support the local community!

Finally, they want to let you know that they continue to be open for business as Minuteman Press is considered an essential business.They are considered essential as we have both print and mailing capabilities and need to remain operational to help healthcare organizations, local governments, and other essential businesses communicate through print and direct mail during this time when communication is critical.

Minuteman's mission has always been to "DESIGN, PRINT, and PROMOTE . . . YOU so you can accomplish your mission." They understand their role in helping you navigate these very challenging times and are here for you now, will be here for you thru out this situation, and will be here well into the future! Bounce Back USA is just one of many things we can do to help you grow or rebuild your business!

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about Bounce Back USA or for help growing and rebuilding your business:

  • Call: 561-392-8626
  • Text: 561-617-4569
  • Join Today to kick-start your "Bounce Back" by clicking here and setting up your offer to be shared across Boca Raton. Remember posting your offer is FREE!