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1/29/2020 General
Who's at the Front Desk at Fairman & Associates?

Who’s at the Front Desk at Fairman & Associates?
By: Fairman & Associates, Inc.


If you visit the Fairman & Associates office, you’ll notice a couple of things right away. First, there’s a note on the front door about the very friendly labs inside and, since there can be five of them, it’s good to know before you hear them barking their greetings when you open the door!

When you come inside, you’ll meet Raquel Joyce who is in charge of our Help Desk. Raquel has been a wonderful new addition to Fairman & Associates, so we asked her to share what she does to help make Fairman & Associates the best property management company in South Florida.

1. When did you join Fairman? And what do you do?

Raquel: I joined Fairman in May 2019 and found the position through an agency. I found it surprisingly easy to relax during my interview because of the dogs. The Fairman family and team were so inviting and kind, it seemed like a great place to work!

My role is the Front Desk and Maintenance Coordinator. I answer the phones and route calls to the appropriate Property Manager for each property. I also coordinate the scheduling of our maintenance technicians, so they go where they’re needed for issues that come up during the day.

2. What is a Work Order and what are the benefits to Fairman’s clients?

Raquel: When a tenant or one of our Property Managers becomes aware of an issue at one of our properties, I generate a Work Order in our software system. This is how we track the issue and the work that addresses it. These can be anything about the building or grounds that we need to inspect, replace, remove, or repair. Our technicians are skilled in plumbing, electrical repairs, locksmithing, and landscaping, to name just a few areas. And Work Orders aren’t limited to the common areas. We encourage our tenants to reach out for requests inside their space, whether it is an upgrade or an issue they need our assistance with. All I need to schedule a technician for work inside of a tenant’s space is a signed Work Order Request Form from the tenant.

For immediate issues, I’ll send a technician right away, so it’s taken care of quickly. When possible, I inform the Property Manager of concerns as they arise. Each property is unique and keeping everyone up-to-date with requests helps us best address them.

If the matter is something more involved or complex than what our technicians typically handle, we’ll reach out to a vendor to assess what needs to be done. The vendor then sends us an estimate, detailing what work is needed. The Property Manager reviews it and gets it approved with our client, and then the work is scheduled and done.

I maintain all the Work Orders in our system, and I review it and track it weekly with the Property Managers. We meet every week and review all the Work Orders and issues, to be sure that it’s seen through to the end. This way, nothing slips through the cracks. I continue to review each Work Order item with the Property Manager until it’s resolved and closed.

The Work Order system also keeps track of routine maintenance that needs to be done on each property. This way, the Property Managers and I are sure to cover all the work that needs to be done for each property.

3. If someone has questions, should they contact you?

Raquel: Of course! I can answer questions about things they need done at the property. If there’s an issue to address, like a toilet that isn’t working I’m able to take care of the request right away. If there is a question that I cannot answer or a request I am unable to help with, both clients and tenants can always reach out to their Property Manager.

4. What else would be of interest to Fairman clients?

Raquel: We’re thinking of you! Our day-to-day is centered around the properties we manage and the people who work and visit there. If you need us, don’t hesitate to reach out.
I can be reached at our main line, (561)362-7224, Extension 0, during our normal business hours, 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. We accept Work Order Request Forms through our fax, (561)362-8823 and via e-mail at [email protected].

If you have an emergency outside of our normal business hours, please call us at (561)362-7224, dial Extension 2, and leave a message.

5. Tell us a little more about you: are you a native Floridian?

Raquel: Yes, I was born in Hollywood and have lived around South Florida all my life. I like Boca Raton and I especially love the great restaurants in the area!

6. You found the dogs relaxing when you interviewed. Are you a dog person?

Raquel: Yes! I have a small dog, a mix of Pomeranian and Pug. She’s 9 years old and I did bring her to the office once. I don’t bring her in all the time because having up to five labs in the office can be intimidating for her, since she’s so much smaller than they are! It’s nice to know I can bring her, though, and to be in a place where dogs are welcome.

Interested in learning more about why Fairman & Associates is the best property management company in the West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale areas? Give us a call at 561-362-7224 and talk to Raquel to set up a time to come in to chat!


About Fairman & Associates, Inc.
Fairman & Associates, www.fairmanassociates.com, is South Florida’s premier commercial property and facility management group.  Specializing in management of office/warehouse/retail, office and medical condominium associations, aircraft hangars, and owner-occupied facility services throughout South Florida, Fairman & Associates services include property administration, tenant relations, financial management, vendor management, maintenance services, and construction management.