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10/24/2019 General
Machine Operator Wanted

•       Adjust production equipment and machinery setup
•       Turns, pushes or moves controls to set and adjust speed, temperature, and position of raw material
•       Pushes buttons, turns handles or moves controls and levers to start mechanical equipment or manually controls equipment operation
•       Reviews work order to determine ink, stock and equipment needed for production
•       Monitors feeding, printing and racking processes of equipment to maintain specified operating levels and detect malfunctions
•       Removes label cores from machinery, using hand truck, electric lift or hoist, and transports them for testing, storage or finishing areas
•       Loads, position, maneuvers and adjusts materials on holding fixture or in loading and feeding production equipment
•       Clean equipment or machinery daily
•       Determine tasks needed to complete production schedule
•       Install equipment or attachments on machinery or related structures
•       Maintain specialized manufacturing or commercial equipment or machinery
•       Monitor production machinery/equipment operation to detect problems
•       Program operation of computerized manufacturing equipment/machinery
•       Set up production equipment or machinery
•       Use control or regulating devices to adjust or maintain industrial machinery
•       Maintain or repair industrial or related equipment/machinery
•       Packs and labels cartons, boxes or bins of finished products
•       Keeps daily time and materials usage reports and records identifying information printed on manufactured products and parts
•       Monitors and controls operation of auxiliary equipment, such as cutters, printers and test stands
•       Inspects and examines products for print clarity, color accuracy, conformance to specifications and external defects
•       Load, unload, or stack containers, materials, or products
•       Lubricate machinery, equipment, or parts
•       Maintain consistent production quality
•       Maintain safe work environment
•       Measure, weigh, or count products or materials
•       Monitor equipment or machine operation to detect problems
•       Move materials or goods between work areas
•       Read work order, instructions, formulas, or processing charts
•       Retrieve or place goods from/into storage
•       Select materials or tools
Hourly Wage: Minimum $13.25 per hour
Benefits: Paid Vacation, PTO, Paid Holidays, Company provided Health Care Plan, AFLAC Disability, Dental Reimbursement, other