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Ramp Up Your Holiday Marketing

Ramp Up Your Holiday Marketing

This is the time to ramp up your holiday marketing and get all components of your marketing campaign in place.

I always remind my clients that if they want to have a visible presence in the marketplace, they need to use different mediums to get their message across.  While I’ve been talking about omni-channel marketing all year – now that Holiday is here, it’s incredibly meaningful!

 I want to call your attention to a quote I read today by Lori Paikin in Forbes:

Advertisers focus so much of their marketing dollars on driving consumers to their sites for holiday shopping. But a very small percentage of those visitors actually convert. Supplement your digital marketing with web-powered direct mail and turn those website visitors into holiday shoppers by sending them a timely and personalized postcard driving them to convert.

Sure, Lori is looking at this from the digital marketer perspective. Let’s not forget that some of the on-line only folks have only recently “re-discovered” the value of direct mail.
If Amazon Uses Direct Mail

 now mails a holiday catalog to drive people to their Black Friday sales.  Some of the other major digital players that are using direct mail this year include Wayfair, Caspers, Rover, and Modcloth. There are lots of others.

Never under-estimate the power that print has to encourage someone to press the button. Certainly we have the trust factor to consider. Year-after-year, direct mail ranks as the most trusted of mediums.  Good direct mail is valued, especially with the Millennial cohort.
Style it right, provide a good offer and you have a great shot at gaining the sale. And, remember make sure your direct mail jives with your digital campaigns. It all has to be seamless.

Last comment - direct mail has a real lifespan. While email has a lifespan of just a few seconds, direct mail’s average lifespan is 17 days.
So, ramp up your holiday marketing. And make sure you feature direct mail in your marketing mix!