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4/4/2019 General

A local South Florida startup making waves in ridership space!

The ReaXium team is excited to share an article from the October issue of the A&S International magazine titled “How Technology is Making School Buses Safer”. This great piece outlines the changing landscape of technology for school buses and the many ways cameras, onboard Wi-Fi, GPS tracking, and biometrics, amongst others, are making it safer to transport students to and from school.

Read the full article here.

Our CEO, Edgar Zorrilla, shares how biometrics can be used to identify students and drivers onboard a school bus. The ReaXium cloud-based solution ensures parents and administrators stay connected to their students’ buses in real-time. We encourage you to take a look at what technologies your district’s transportation department may be investing in. A safer school bus is a connected school bus. ReaXium wants to make all buses ReaXium Ready so students can be safe throughout the day.