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9/7/2018 General
Petro Andreadis Joins Prediq Media Group

Petro Andreadis Joins Prediq Media Group as Chief Growth Officer
Boca Raton, FL – Prediq Media, a South Florida-based digital marketing agency, has hired Petro Andreadis as Chief Growth Officer.

In his new role, Petro will be responsible for creating strategic growth plans for current clients, forging new business relationships, acquiring and developing new talent and furthering the company’s mission.

“Petro joins our team with more than 15 years of experience in sales and operations, and brings with him a wealth of unique and effective strategies to help our clients grow their businesses and sustain that growth,” said Alex Oliveira, Founder of Prediq Media. “With his dynamic energy, extensive background in cultivating and nurturing relationships and passion for continuous growth, Petro is a fantastic fit for the Prediq Media team.”

With experience and proficiency in sales and marketing for both large and small businesses and former positions as director, project manager and talent management expert, Andreadis joins the Prediq team as a seasoned professional and leader.

"I am very excited to join this leadership team, as I’ve worked with Prediq Media on a number of projects in a multitude of capacities throughout the years,” said Andreadis. “I truly believe in Prediq Media’s culture, purpose and approach to client success, and I look forward to the journey ahead with our amazing clients and team.”
Prediq Media Group is a boutique digital marketing agency based in South Florida. With an emphasis on lead generation, social media marketing and search marketing strategies for small- and medium-sized businesses, the agency aims to keep clients ahead of the curve in an ever-changing tech world.

For more information, call 800-796-0201 or visit www.prediqmedia.com.