Twomentor, LLC (Corporate Mentoring Solutions)
370 W Camino Gardens Blvd #100
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(202) 431-5016

Corporate Mentoring Initiatives - 25% off Mentor - Mentee Certification Training or Mentor Road Trip Flash Mentoring, 10% off Managed Mentoring Solutions

Twomentor LLC offers Managed Mentoring Solutions to drive employee engagement, culture, diversity and retention. We have served renowned clients such as: Anthem, Abbott, MITRE, Sabadell, NextEra (Florida Power & Light), Marriott International, NYU, ASAE and more. As we are new to the chamber, we are delighted to offer 25% off a single service (Mentor Training, Mentee Training, Leadership Legacy Sponsor Training) or 10% off our Managed Mentoring Services. We take 90% of the pain away of standing up a world class mentor program at your company. Suggested for companies, associations or Universities with 50+ employees

Reference Number: ITTAKESTWO
Expires: 12/31/2019